Painted Plate

watercolor plate 003Sweet little plate, love the soft colors. Makes me think of spring…no, summertime. Well, I can dream. It’s 20 degrees with a biting wind here today. Maybe next week it’ll start warming up. Anyway, if you’d like to immerse yourself in exuberant flowers, check out Robert Zakanitch —  I came across some of his work (Hanging Gardens series) in a summer issue of Veranda magazine and was struck with joy. Joy! He does wall sized works of colorful flowers and lush scenes. Lots of pattern and decoration. Stuff like that inspires me. Plus I love his quirky paintings of charm bracelets (of all things!) which make me want to draw some too. And paint huge flowers on the walls! Ok, maybe not that. PS: The Hanging Gardens series is not on his website but you can see them on

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