Year Of The Sheep

sheep 012Home again!  And happy new year–it’s the year of the sheep, or goat, according to the Asian zodiac calendar. For this image I smudged charcoal on paper and drew with a kneaded eraser. It’s fun, and I like the soft effect. The downside is having to spray it with a fixative. Oh well. I just got a new book by Maira Kalman–one of my favorite artist/authors. Have I mentioned her before? It’s a children’s alphabet book called Ah-hA to Zig-Zag. She picked 31 items from the Cooper Hewitt museum in NY and painted them for this book accompanied by her unique text. I just love her quirky, whimsical style. Plus I like drawing random objects too, so it’s encouraging that she does that. All of her books are worthwhile–such an interesting person. I’m glad there are people like her in the world. Take a peek sometime.



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