Old Timey Brass Lamp

scan0042Where does the time go?—GEEZ! I’m having trouble with the enamel camel pendant necklace drawing–try saying THAT ten times fast! So how about looking at this nifty lamp for a while? I found this interesting brass lamp while on a thrift store excursion with my mom. I love the colored glass inserts–it has that Eastern bizarre look to it that I truly DIG. It was all in pieces and had a foreign plug so it needed to be put together and rewired. It languished forgotten in a bag in the basement for a while. For some reason it was not at the top of my husband’s “to do” list. But then he (unbeknownst to me) took it to a fancy lamp shop to be refurbished. They even put an old timey rayon covered cord on it. It was one of my surprise Christmas gifts. So charming. The lamp…and my husband.

2 thoughts on “Old Timey Brass Lamp

  1. hey jody i really like a lot of the same things you do great drawing don’t you just love it when husband get really creative presents pam

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