Sweet Dromedary

scan0040Gosh, where does the time go! Seems like I’ve been away for weeks. I’ve been trying to get the porches cleaned up and usable in order to take advantage of our unusually hot, sunny, dry weather. It’s strange, usually it’s so wet and rainy this time of year. Our back yard gets pond-like. But we are getting a taste of the south this year. And actually hoping for some rain to plump up the fresh new greenery.

By the way–a cardinal has built her nest in the grape vines that are tacked to the back porch ceiling–how sweet is that! The downside is that she freaks out when we sit at the table. It was cold and there was no action out there when she selected that choice spot but now it’s a different story. And of course the neighborhood cats are going to be parked out there all stealth-like once the eggs hatch and they hear all the peeping. So then I’ll be guarding the nest and worrying about those babies. Sigh. You know, when they start trying to fly–dipping down too low… I don’t need this kind of STRESS!  Yeah, I know, I know–it’s nature’s way, survival of the fittest and all that but I just don’t want to have to WITNESS it on my doorstep. Nature is cruel. What is her problem? Why can’t everybody JUST BE NICE? How hard can it be?

Anyway, back to the third camel buddy here. Camels have such wonderful exaggerated features, don’t they? Like caricatures! And this guy is no exception. He has oodles of personality–a really great face which is probably not as obvious in my rendition but trust me, it is. Very unsymmetrical and unique. He’s about seven inches tall and seems to be carved wood covered with leather. How they do that with no apparent seams? Maybe it’s just real thin leather stretched and glued in place. Such a great thrift store find. Now I have a hankering for some Medjool dates and strong coffee.

2 thoughts on “Sweet Dromedary

  1. What a sweet looking fella ..
    I always used his cAke mixes…back in the
    day, as they say. You do such great work .
    Have considered framing your paintings
    and having them juried into The Artisan’s Hand ? Listen, dear timid one…give it a
    try. It’s okay if you don’t get in
    the first time. At least you’ll know what they’re
    looking for in art. But , my timid friend,
    I believe your stuff is more than good enough
    for that shop. Love, S

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