Portrait of Boo

BooJust realized that I started my last blog with almost the exact sentence as the previous one. Dang, that’s embarrassing. Note to self–always reread the previous blog post before posting. Always.

Deviating a bit from my thrift store treasures, this is a portrait of Boo, Bob and Julie’s beloved chocolate lab who passed away about 3 years ago. I did this pen and ink sketch from a beautiful photo Tuyen took. And if I could find that photo I would post it too. But my photos files are not organized in a way that allows me to easily find a particular one. Big surprise.

This was a condolence card. My husband was really pushing for me to post it and since I’m behind on my blog posting AGAIN, I figured OK FINE, might as well. Boo was a good dog. Very sweet. I’m not really a dog person but I can appreciate things about them; their unique personalities, their devotion to their families, those sweet faces, right? I just don’t like the kind of constant attention that dogs are wont to give is all.

I’d like to leave you with a quote by E.B.White from his essay called Bedfellows. He’s reminiscing about a dachshund he had named Fred.

“The only thing I used to find agreeable about him in bed was his smell, which for some reason was nonirritating to my nose and evocative to my mind, somewhat in the way that a sudden whiff of the cow barn or of bone meal on a lawn in springtime carries sensations of the richness of earth and of experience.”

He says that like it’s a GOOD thing. Sweet tribute.

2 thoughts on “Portrait of Boo

  1. Nice one of Boo. He looks like he was thinking ‘how much longer is this going to take’ Even tho he was nice enough not to just go lie down. Keep up the good work. Love dad.


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