Grad card inspired by Basquiat

scan0249We spent a few fun days with Spence and Tuyen for his Masters graduation festivities and I made a card for him the day before we headed there. I was flipping through one of my decor books and saw a picture of an art collector’s apartment with a large Basquiat painting on the wall. Using that as my inspiration, I did my own version of his wild graffiti style using acrylic paint and markers on paper. It was a lot of fun. And then, two days after I made this card, the Wall Street Journal had a photo of the Basquiat painting I was inspired by on the front page of their business/finance section. It’s called “Dustheads” and it just sold for $35 million! Funny coincidence. Here’s Jean Michel Basquiat’s painting below: Such a startling, aggressive and exuberant style. I’m intrigued.



13 thoughts on “Grad card inspired by Basquiat

  1. oh this is SO good–it just speaks to you and so reminds me of both Spence and Tuyen…Tuyen’s hair wrapping and Spence’s big eyes. I love it. Way more than the $35M which looks like a ten year old did it.

  2. Fabulous, Jodi! You have such a creative spirit. I admire your adventurousness b What a great card for your son.


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  3. Good grief. You could probably get a few million for yours too. Congratulations. Katie graduated from law school last week, and I bought her a card.


  4. Undoubtedly the best graduation card I have EVER seen! I love it! Congratulations to Spencer — quite the accomplishment! 🙂

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