Man With The Golden Helmet

scan0223This famous image from around 1650 is an oil painting long attributed to Rembrandt. Now they are thinking it may have been one of his students who actually painted it in his style. Either way–great helmet! We had a framed print of this in our dining room when I was a kid. A lot of people thought it looked like my dad and yes, there is a bit of resemblance. The steely gaze and shape of the face. I was a little bummed when I found out it had been sold in a yard sale many years ago. Not that I loved the picture, but mainly just because it had been a familiar fixture in our house growing up. But hey, no problem, I found a picture of it in a discarded art book so I pulled the page scan0222out and put it in an old gold frame. Anyway, I thought I would continue with my little project involving my versions of art masterpieces. I was trying to do a portrait of my dad and this doesn’t look like him but there’s perhaps a vague resemblance. Dad has pale blue eyes but also fair skin. And a much friendlier expression. But if he were a big headed, battle weary conquistador from the 16th century then this could be him. Oh, hey Dad, Happy Father’s Day! This is your card which I will get in the mail to you shortly.

7 thoughts on “Man With The Golden Helmet

  1. totally looks like your dad! this is terrific! and just kidding–your father always has a kindly twinkle in his eye.

  2. Wow, Jodi , this sure is good. Don’t know if it looks like your dad, but he will love it because it is you. And I think I saw this painting, not yours , but the real one, at the Rembrandt museum in Amsterdam. Barb


  3. Wow! You are so good! Getting better all the time. Unreal what you can do. Love Ya! Mom

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