Stardust Sleeping

stardust 009The charm bracelet painting I am working on is not coming along swimmingly. So in the meantime here is a charcoal drawing of Stardust–the best cat in the world–who belongs to Jill next door. Sweet, sweet kitty. She lets us pretend that she’s our kitty too. And we let her pretend that she owns our yard, the back porch, the bird feeders and all the birds.

4 thoughts on “Stardust Sleeping

  1. I love this. Being something of a cat person. This is the first blog I’ve received of yours since the egg. Marc Chagall, I believe, was influenced by many Jewish folktales and Hassidic Jewish folktales – for examples see the short stories of I.B. Singer, a little younger but from the same Jewish culture of Poland.. But maybe I’m lecturing too much. Miss you in class.

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