Carved Tribal Dude

scan0142Here’s THIS guy. I wanted to draw something less painstakingly detailed, and in a loosey-goosey style for a change. This was a quick sketch in marker on card stock printer paper. Then I made a copy to work on with watercolors, because the printer ink isn’t waterproof and I wanted it to be a bit runny. When I was done I printed a copy on the tinted Canson paper just to see how that would look, and I like it (see below). But I thought I’d go with the white background since I’ve been using that tinted paper a lot lately. This wood carving is 12 inches tall and heavy. Most likely he’s African. Or possibly Caribbean.

To change the subject for a sec’ — last month, March 9th to be exact, was the one-year anniversary of my first blog post! I only thought of it about a week or two ago and looked it up. I think this will be my 73rd post. That went fast. It’s been such a lot of fun. Thanks for being along for the ride. Here is the image on the tinted paper.


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