Vintage Greek Doll

scan0140Well, I know this isn’t the Arabian harem doll I promised, but the thing is, when I dug out the boxes of dolls from the attic, the harem doll I found wasn’t the one I remembered. Turns out my memory is a sly, slippery thing. I believe I was remembering the lovely face of this Greek doll and the blue satin harem pants of the other. And so I created a new doll in my mind which does not exist. Unless there are more dolls still to be found in my attic, which is entirely plausible given the state of the attic. Anyway, the harem doll is kind of weird in that it looks like a generic baby doll which they painted eye makeup on and dressed in a harem costume. I’m not inspired to draw it. This Greek doll, on the other hand, is very womanly and so interesting. I just love her face. And all that rick-rack trim! All those knife pleats! The pom-pom boots! So much detail. I used colored pencils but I’m not wild about the grainy texture–the skirt doesn’t look as intensely black as it really is. Maybe I’ll try it again in a different medium. In a few years.

4 thoughts on “Vintage Greek Doll

  1. Hi Jodi,
    I kinda like the grainy texture. It looks like flannel or felt. Not seeing the dark black and having no expectation of duplicating it, I like this!

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