Red Thready Lamp

scan0094Never mind those little plug-in night lights. THIS is a NIGHT LIGHT. It’s about ten inches tall and has a beautiful red glow (much prettier than this picture) which illuminates the guest room just enough for you to find a light. And I think it’s such a warm welcome. A little spot of glow in a dark room. So cozy. I’ve found most of mine at thrift stores–which surprises me–why are people getting rid of these? Oh right, different people, different decor styles. Well, it’s my gain. But seriously, we are going to need more electrical outlets…I’ll have to see my guy about that. Right, Honey?

4 thoughts on “Red Thready Lamp

  1. Glow little glow lamp….glimmer, glimmer…… 🙂
    Your description of this sweet painting is almost as lovely as the lamp itself. The glowing light in the middle has such warmth…thank you once again for putting a much needed smile on my face.

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