Medallion Necklace

scan0092This gorgeous piece was handmade by Susan Torchia. I think I’ve mentioned taking a jewelry class she taught. She makes jewelry from an array of found objects: old vintage jewelry bits and pieces, wire, glass and wooden beads, sometimes leather, driftwood, feathers, yarn, various metals, etc. They are all so original and wonderful. This one is a big piece of shell about 3 inches wide which she covered with some silk or rayon fabric. Then the vintage metal daisy brooch with rhinestones and pearls, copper wire, and a curvy bit of copper mesh. Oh and the back is covered with a piece of soft brown suede from her “grammy’s” stash.  I would call this a “statement” necklace. This and a veiled hat and you are set to go!

3 thoughts on “Medallion Necklace

  1. Your painting of this striking piece is absolutely perfect, as was your description. It sure tickles me to know how much you’re enjoying it. It was fun to make. You know, I always rest easier knowing that a piece of my jewelry has found a good home…in this case, the best. Was it shy about posing for you? Jodie,I find your work inspiring… nudges me to do more with paints and oil pastels Do you realize how talented you are, my friend.?? .

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