Three Vases

more vases 002This is more my speed. Turns out I like drawing dishes which I wouldn’t have known if I hadn’t started this blog. These vases have a similar vibe. I like the patterns, colors and how cheerful they are. The tall one is Japanese and the other two are from Italy. I especially like the yellow one. Something sweet about it. We keep drink stirrers in it on the kitchen counter. And chop sticks in the tall one.

I liked Carole’s idea (my sister-in-law) of putting collectibles, or art objects to use. For example, her coffee creamer and sugar are in pretty carnival glass containers. She will only buy something (from the TO DIE FOR consignment store near her) if she absolutely loves it and has a place in mind to use or display it.

I have not yet acquired that discipline. I am wildly indiscriminate and ruled by whim. Also, I absolutely love a LOT of stuff. And OK, I am aware that it can be a problem. There. I said it. But maybe I just need a bigger house. Yeah, that’s the ticket…

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