Da Bear

scan0071Spent way too long on this one and ended up overworking it. Hate the background. Should have just let it be what it is–a carving sitting on a table. I need to take another watercolor class. Glad I made a copy of the original line drawing which I liked (see below), before I started painting. Anyway, the actual scan0072bear is wonderful, he’s a carved block of wood roughly 9 inches in diameter. A sweet sculpture from Alaska–a trip my parents took decades ago.

On a different note, check out this site: http://www.busymockingbird.com and scroll down to the Aug. 27 post. The artist, Mica Angela Hendricks, let her 4 year old daughter draw in her new sketchbook–adding bodies to the faces Mica had done and the results are wonderful—quirky and original. The story about why she grudgingly let her child do this is hilarious. Mica ended up loving them and added paint and details to finish the collaboration. I love them too. Made my day. Makes me want to send some sketches to my adult sons. It’s not too late, right?

7 thoughts on “Da Bear

  1. I’m enjoying your writing as much as your artwork! Thanks for the links too. I can see why you like the busymockingbird story so much. She’s selling some of her wonderful, collaborative prints online. Did you see that link on her blog? Sure would be nice to see your prints for sale, Jodi.

  2. She writes just like you do. And she is so driven to create, she can’t seem to control her urge to draw/paint on whatever she sees.

  3. Jodi – you may not like the background to the bear, but I do. I think you captured the wooden surface of the bear well. I am so glad you are posting practically everyday. I love reading the stories that go along with your artwork. Can’t say I share the same enthusiasm though as far as the mockingbird site goes. They are a little too out there for me.


    • Thanks Deb. Yes, I realized after posting that not everyone will be as taken with those fantastic, quirky pictures as I was. That’s the great thing about art. There is something for everyone. And it speaks to us in different ways. And the internet makes it easy to find exactly what we love. Yay!

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