Pillow Talk

pillow Not that I’ve been wanting to draw my pillow, BUT…at the Renwick Gallery there was, in the corner of one room, an old pillow on a pedestal. I know–unbelievable, right? But upon closer inspection, turns out it was carved out of marble by Sebastian Martorana and titled “Impressions,” trip to arlington 083Marble pillow imprinted with the shape of the artist’s deceased father-in-law’s head. Hmm…it’s kind of more information than I want, you know?

So anyway, I decided that my pillow is important too.

4 thoughts on “Pillow Talk

  1. Jodi~
    I’m not sure which I like best–your artwork or your commentary!!
    You go girl!! Keep up the good work!! ~Christine

  2. Since this is my favorite of all you have posted so far, I will comment here. I am tired and it looks so inviting. It is GREAT you are doing this and letting people see your work and read your thoughts. You have just begun talented friend! Well, actually you began a long time ago but the public part I mean.

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