Cut Paper Floral

One of my favorite things in the weekend Wall Street Journal ‘Off Duty’ section is a monthly column called Flower School. In it, Lindsey Taylor puts together a floral arrangement based on a work of art. The flowers and arrangement are always gorgeous as is the photograph of it. She really does capture the mood, colors and composition of a piece. Her write-up is delightful too. It’s perfect in every way. Sometimes the art work is well known but often it’s an artist I’ve not heard of or a piece I’ve not seen. I end up looking up that artist to learn more so it’s educational in addition to being visually pleasing. A nice break from the news. Check it out:  Scroll down to WSJ Off Duty to see her arrangements. For my arrangement above, I cut leaves, flowers and a bowl shape from white card stock and glued them to Canson dark gray pastel paper using YES! paste. Cutting and pasting–one of life’s simple joys.

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