Veiled Portrait With Bird

scan0196She’s medieval looking, don’t you think? I saw that jeweled bracelet in a mag and knew it would be a great headdress. The background is gold metallic crayon dotted on the paper and then a grey wash over it. I’d like that as wallpaper. Think how long that would take and how many crayons worn down to little nubbins! I miss drawing my kitschy ashtrays, funky vases and vintage dolls, etc. But the portraits are a lot of fun. Probably more enjoyable to view too. By the way, a few of my drawings are available to buy on kids clothing and cards, etc. on my Redbubble account. There is a link if you click on “shop” in the black bar at the top of the web site. It’s a work in progress with more to come, thanks to my daughter-in-law’s tireless help.

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