Valentine Necklace

scan0121Seeing as how Valentine’s Day is coming up, thought I’d post something all hearts and flowers. This is a necklace of polymer clay hearts I made years ago laid out on a charming little painted thrift store tray. I love all the amazing jewelry people make with polymer clay–things that look like carved ivory or museum pieces. So I bought some how-to books and the clay…but I quickly learned that polymer clay jewelry was not going to be my forte. It’s good to find out these things so you can get on with your life, right? So many things I don’t have the patience for. But I like drawing. And I like you. This is a valentine to you.

5 thoughts on “Valentine Necklace

  1. It’s beautiful and my first present. I will wear it today while I am packing for our upcoming trip to FL. Three weeks of hopefully gorgeous weather, warm and sunny. I am keeping my fingers crossed. Stay well and keep up the Strong Living class.


  2. Awe shucks, I like you too. Lovely hearts.
    This reminded me that I’ve been wanting to make some shawl pins with polymer clay. Problem is, I can’t stop knitting long enough to shift gears. Hopefully this reminder will get me going. Thanks.
    Happy Valentine’s Day to you!

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