Citron Sugar Bowl

scan0096Well, I’ve been busy making failed watercolors, that’s what. But not busy enough apparently. I’m out of practice and out of my GROOVE. I need to do a boatload of quick sketches, you know, speedy and reckless. I love that word–reckless! “Loosey-juicy” is a phrase that Robert Burridge uses for quick paintings. He advocates working on a series of at least three to six small paintings at a time as a warm-up. (see his art: Of course that’s easier if you have a large space to be messy in. But still the point is then you feel free to mess up since you aren’t just invested in one precious piece you don’t want to ruin. So maybe at least two works at once or three depending on space. Guess I had forgotten that. Yeah, I forget a lot of stuff. But no need to dwell on that. Now, let me see if I can go salvage last week’s ONE, precious, failed effort. See what I mean?

2 thoughts on “Citron Sugar Bowl

  1. Nope, I don’t see what you mean at all. I think it’s great. Everything you do inspires me. Maybe you could teach me.


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