Maple Preview

scan0082The leaves they are a changin’! It’s just the start but we know what lies ahead. The mornings and evenings have a chill to them but it still warms up mid-day. Lovely time of year. Except for that melancholy feeling that summer is over. It’s such a short season here. And knowing winter is just around the bend. It’s such a long season here. And next we’ve got to contend with Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas–all boatloads of work and fuss. I know, I know, they are fun too. But can I just go lock myself in a cabin in the woods somewhere?

JUST KIDDING. Speaking of curmudgeons, if you want to read some good stuff, check out Mike Branch’s Rants from the Hill–a monthly column featured in the High Country News. His web site will lead you to the essays:  They are available as pod casts too. He is a professor in Nevada and writes about nature, living in the high desert, and everything else and trust me, you will be entertained. One of my favorites is “The Hills Are Alive.” Check it out.

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