Big Ol’ Elephant

scan0048Yes, well, not one of my most successful endeavors but time to move on. This is my third attempt for crying out loud and I’ve grown weary of trying to capture his essence. The actual wooden elephant is about a foot tall and maybe sixteen inches from tail to trunk. Solid and heavy and so sweetly painted. I love this elephant. I will give it a go another time. Made in India–of course. So many of my favorite decorative items are from India. Funny what people are drawn to. Maybe I lived there in another life. When it was less crowded.

4 thoughts on “Big Ol’ Elephant

  1. I am amazed at your art work, and also envious. You are very adventurous. I still want to come over to see all your collections.

    • Thanks so much, Barb. I don’t think I’ve been described as adventurous, that I can recall. I kind of like it. Maybe it’s the new me! Yes, we’ll have to have a jewelry klatch here.

  2. Why isn’t he your favorite? I love his face. Every time you do something new it becomes my favorite, you do have a theme going.

    • Thanks, Janet. Oh, his back leg looks flat to me, didn’t get the shape and shading right. And he doesn’t look carved from dark, glossy wood. It’s me being picky. I do like his face.

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