Visit to The Phillips Gallery, D.C.

Confession: I’m afraid of my blog. Well, because it’s new and I don’t know how to do stuff yet. — It was a big rush to get this up and running before I left so I could show my folks –which was stressful — too many decisions to make too fast, like trying to pick out a good snack at the gas station when everyone’s waiting in the car for you.

Which I’m sure sounds real stupid seeing as how millions of people have blogs. But that’s what it’s like being  me. My husband thankfully is managing it for me ’til I get the hang of it. Right, he’s the one waiting in that car.

Went to two galleries in DC: the Phillips and the Renwick, both wonderful. The Phillips has a “beeswax chamber” done by Wolfgang Laib — there’s a video of the installation on the gallery web site: which sounded so intriguing — I was picturing a free standing cocoon shaped structure when in fact it’s a small closet that’s coated in the mottled wax with a light bulb hanging overhead. Lovely amber glow.The fragrance when you stand inside is wonderful–smells like BEESWAX.

There is also an exhibit, Vanitas! by Jeanne Silverthorne who makes sculptures out of this rubbery stuff. I should stop right now and read the brochure so I can write with conviction and know of what I speak. Ok, so they are made with platinum silicone rubber, phosphorescent pigment and some with metal or wire added. FUN exhibit. Great titles. Here’s:

Mutant Lamp with Pears and Flies, 2007 by Jeanne Silverthorne  trip to arlington 060

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