Copper Sea Serpent Dish

boat 2Found this funny little copper and brass dish at a thrift store. I think it’s fascinating, Reminds me of Vikings, but the sea serpent on the sides makes me think it’s from India. Perhaps a little research is in order.

I have a seemingly endless supply of interesting items I’ve gotten at thrift stores over the years. Yes, now you have a teensy idea what the inside of my house might look like. Some people call it cluttered but I prefer to think of it as “treasure filled.”  At any rate, I’m having fun drawing this stuff.

I’ve tried several renderings, and will post them. This one is micron pen and a rather muddy wash of watercolor…need to practice that medium.

3 thoughts on “Copper Sea Serpent Dish

  1. You have great talent! I love your art and look forward to seeing more. And I thought you were just another pretty face.

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